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Happy 5th Birthday, EIP Matrix!

An example summary page after completing the EIP Matrix
EIP Matrix summary page

The ‘EIP Matrix’ was conceived in 2015, in answer to a plea from the South Region Early Intervention in Psychosis Programme. They wanted help with their Excel-based process for gathering, collating and reporting on performance metrics from teams across the south of England, and our bold proposition was for something altogether different.

The simple prototype created in a few short weeks of 2015 was the birth of a family of ‘Matrix’ software products, used across many types of service within the NHS.

Shortlisted for a BMJ Award in 2017, this success story in service improvement goes from strength to strength.

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 Perinatal Mental Health Service Matrix

PMH Matrix dashboard
PMH Matrix dashboard

The ‘PMH Matrix’ was devised to support the NICE quality standards for antenatal and postnatal mental health. Services concerned with the mental health of perinatal women have a nominated person who provides answers to a few targeted questions, and the data gathered is used to build a picture of service delivery and quality. It is not punitive, but enlightening, and insights are shared between services, for immediate feedback.

For these reasons, it has been well-received, its rollout across Thames Valley proved very successful, and it is now being introduced into three other regions, to cover the entire south of England. In May 2018, the PMH Matrix was endorsed by NICE.

This project benefited from the dedication, knowledge and experience of healthcare professionals working through Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network, with whom we worked closely, and from invaluable input and feedback provided by their colleagues in services across the region.

The PMH Matrix project, encompassing not only the software, but also the hard work of the Thames Valley team and the contributing services, was runner-up at the 2019 NICE Shared Learning Awards.

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World Congress Minisite

WCP microsite
WCP microsite home page

The 19th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology will be held in Glasgow in 2022, and we were asked by the British Pharmacological Society to build a website to support and market the event. The Society has a lot of information to convey, dates and people to manage, so the site had to be clean, clear and straightforward to use, both for visitors and for Society staff updating it.

Visit the WCP2022 site at

Aggregated Analytics Engine

Aggregated analytics
Aggregated analytics dashboard snippet

We spend a proportion of time in research and development, to augment and improve our skills, and to further hone ideas that have come from working with clients. The fruits of our work are folded into other projects, to our clients’ benefit.

One example of an R-and-D project is the Aggregated Analytics Engine, which reads data from multiple sources for presentation in a single view. The specialism of this software is its ability to infer meaning from qualities it knows to be related; for example, pulling in data from an emailing platform, it can combine ‘number sent’ with ‘clicks’ to arrive at a potentially more useful ‘click-through rate’.

Techniques developed through this project have been used in many data-driven client projects, including the Matrix family of applications.

Workforce Calculator

Workforce calculator
Workforce calculator entry screen

We designed and built this application for the Symmetric Partnership, in conjunction with Oxford Academic Health Science Network, to support planning between commissioners and service providers. It draws published incidence estimates from Public Health England and asks questions of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), to help identify requirements for roles within that CCG.

The Workforce Calculator is hosted and run by My Health London, and represents 224 CCGs across England.

Food Delivery Logistics

Real-time management
Real-time management and communication

A group of independent takeaway restaurants wanted to prototype an app for managing food delivery. We created an application that provided centralised management and messaging, driver tracking and customer update via SMS text message. It was trialled successfully in Brighton and London, and for a while held its own against mighty competition; but, inevitably, it could not take part in the battle between, and ultimate merging of, of the ‘big two’ food delivery apps!

Our clients went on to help develop industry-standard restaurant management software to their needs, and the project brought together many ideas and technologies, from which we continue to benefit.

Multichannel Assessment Tool

Multichannel assessment tool
Walking through the multichannel assessment tool

Wipro is a global IT and business consultancy, servicing many household names across the world. We created the Multichannel Assessment Tool so that healthcare businesses could quickly assess the their multichannel marketing strategies and processes. This tool had to be easy to access, quick to complete and genuinely helpful in the summary report it provided.