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Web Application Development, Bespoke Software Development

A collaborative and unique application to simplify and manage complex quoting and invoicing for a busy and successful media production company.

About the client

From creative conception to post-production, and including junket management, electronic press kits, social media, content, editing and training, this leading creative agency in the film and entertainment sector provides the skills and experience of its talented team to the world’s top names in film and TV. 

If you’ve been to the cinema in the last ten years (and more), you can be certain that this client has played an important role in the film you saw. Disney, Universal, Paramount, BBC and Netflix are but a tiny selection of their stellar client list.

The Problem

In the complex and fast-moving world of film and TV, it is critical that service providers quickly and accurately quote for services, staff and equipment, and can make just-in-time corrections. Once agreed, a quote leads to a purchase order request (POR) being sent to the client, and both quote and POR may leave room for decisions to be made on the day. 

The invoice raised for the client is based on the POR and corresponding purchase order (PO) from the client, but with all figures finalised, potentially, split into separate payments, and with VAT calculated for UK- and EU-based work. 

We were asked to help streamline the process, to allow quotes, PORs and invoices to be quickly and accurately generated, with the ability to derive new versions and to easily add, amend and remove items. These would need to be provided to clients as a branded PDF, with VAT included or excluded as applicable, and staff would need quick sight of outstanding documents, recent activity and so on.  

Our Solution

Working closely the client, we designed and created a system that focuses on making the everyday tasks of creating quotes, PORs and invoices as quick and painless as possible. 

Once logged in, users see everything organised by client, project and job, and can create or edit documents with a single click. Items are added from a palette of equipment and services and are organised into sections, with subtotals and totals calculated automatically as quantities are changed. 

A simple workflow allows a POR to be generated from a quote, pulling in all details but then independently editable. An invoice is likewise created from a POR and makes it easy to include local currency and handle split payments. 

The system represents the thoughts and ideas of how the client’s team wanted to work and has thus unlocked a level of efficiency that simply could not have been achieved with an off-the-shelf solution. 

What our client thought

Imaginative Software provided a tailored service, delivering on time with a full understanding of expectations. Chris used plain English to explain detailed aspects of the project and communicated consistently with a high standard of customer service. 
I would highly recommend Imaginative Software to others looking for intuitive software solutions and would not hesitate to use their services again in future.

Lizzie Powell