We aren't great at blowing our own trumpet - we've done some pretty amazing things for people but have kept our name out of the limelight, and we can do the same for you.

Rosie Colman - Campaign Executive, ICP Ltd.

Chris is thorough and honest and gets the job done, and will never “take anyone for a ride” so to speak. He is honest about the work at hand and always delivers on what he promises.

Sarah Amani - Senior Programme Manager, Oxford Academic Health Science Network

Imaginative Software was highly recommended by a colleague at a time when we required an exceptional software developer who could quickly translate user requirements into a simple, highly usable and reliable self-assessment tool to support multiple NHS and third sector organizations evaluate their services and develop plans for improvement. Imaginative has been a joy to work with and exceeded our expectations both with responsiveness and quality of the product. An added bonus has been their approach which fully involves stakeholders in refining the product through an iterative process. Imaginative Software supported what is a relatively non-technical group of people to bring about a product that meets their unique needs. The group has valued that approach and would be very happy to work with them again.

NHS directors and commissioners involved in the project have commented that:

  • The product "looks brilliant and simple to use."
  • "After a relatively short time frame given for the NHS Trust to complete, the Trust and 6 commissioners were able to use the tool to identify areas of high and low achievement against NICE standards, finalize our service development plan and allocate funding to the team. We found the tool very accessible and straightforward to use."

Helen Moore - Head of Production at Radical Departures

Imaginative Software provides an all-round excellent service from consultation to development work. What sets them apart from others is the highly customer-focused service that they provide. Any requests for information are met extremely quickly, work estimates are accurate, we are kept up to date on progress and work is produced to the highest quality.

I have no hesitation in recommending Imaginative Software.

Rudy Tambala - Practice Partner, Wipro

Chris has a vast experience in the technical conception, development and implementation of solutions for software and the Internet. He is an extraordinarily creative and driven individual, well presented, personable and focused. He does karaoke too, but then none of us are perfect ;-)

Alick Miskin - Head of Diversity, Grass Roots Group PLC

We have worked with Chris Williams for a number of years and have always found him highly responsive to our needs, both in terms of quality and timeliness; he never leaves a project until it is fully finished to the satisfaction of all parties. His attention to detail is the real highlight of the work he does for us.

Juliette Denny - Managing Director, Growth Engineering

We were delighted with the work and support you gave, and will certainly be using you again and would recommend your services highly. Not only was the quality of your work excellent, your attention to delivering the levels of service and communicating where you were on the project were fantastic, and something I certainly appreciated.

Joe Carpenter - IT Manager at Pendragon Capital

I found working with Chris enlightening, productive and pleasurable. He understands and satisfies requirements quickly, creatively and accurately. He demonstrates what working with third parties should be like: simple hassle-free and pleasurable.

Top qualities: great results, personable, creative.

Simon Barrass - Business Consultant and Web Developer at Chromaforge

As a web developer, my clients have often needed additional functionality to fulfil some special requirement.

Over the years, I've relied on Imaginative Software to deliver a wide range of different functionalities, often within tight timescales, and they've always fulfilled and often gone beyond, to deliver the right (and sometimes improved) solution for my clients.

Having worked alongside Chris on some larger projects, I'm in no doubt of the experience, attention to detail and value with which he delivers his solutions.

Andy Casey - IT Consultant/Trainer

Chris is an excellent Web Site and Application Developer.

The projects he's worked on for companies where I have been based have met all the requirements and then have grown on from there as the customers realise what Chris can achieve for them.

Projects Chris has helped me with range from login scripts, solving an issue in a day that had puzzled me for months, to complex multi server environments for a large financial company that did the work of a whole back office so they could get on with other work.

On top of his technical skills he's a great bloke to work with, always making a day in the office a pleasure

Nicola Heathcote - The Doing Room

Thank you so much for your super speedy service in setting up my website. I am a complete novice and this was the first website I have ever created. You did all the technical wizardry stuff with a smile in your voice and lightning speed fingers. I am delighted with the service you offered, you patiently listened to my novice style questions and answered them in a way I could understand. I will recommend you and your services to anyone and everyone I meet!

Adey Gibbs - Gibbs Technical Services Ltd.

If you or your business are considering working with Chris then let me assure you that he is a very straight-forward talking chap with an on-going vision to be always looking ahead into the future with his projects and ideas... and in this day and age, to find someone in this industry who puts lateral-thinking in front of profit... well that is a rare thing indeed.

Ross Penney - Operations Director, Cube Music

Chris Williams is a huge asset to Cube. He is a knowledgeable and reliable central point for all our IT needs. He possesses an innovative and speedy approach to problem solving, efficiently producing solutions to the sort of problems that have defeated others.

In addition he is extremely engaging and personable and a delight to have in the office.

Dave Beavis - Head of Production, Cube Music

Chris was a critical asset in implementing remote software upgrades to our network of clients without the need for involving third-party localised technicians.

This enabled our clients to continue normal working practices without disruption, whilst saving us substantial time and unnecessary expense.

Robert Burns - Managing Director, photographyburns.com

Chris's communication abilities are second to none! He can make even the most mundane and technically intricate aspect of computing come alive in a way that makes it both simple and beguiling!